5 essential systems every small business needs

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You may THINK you don’t have the time to implement systems to keep your small biz running. But guess what? You’re wrong. I know, I know… You’ve made it this far searching through your inbox looking for that ONE document you could have sworn you saved SOMEWHERE on your desktop…Right? That scrap piece of paper on your office desk that has the number of that one important prospect you ran into… …the one with the coffee stain? Doesn’t it belong someplace archived and easy-to-find? Let’s not even talk about your Excel spreadsheet full of numbers and formulas that serves as your “bookkeeper,” but hasn’t been updated in eons. Be honest. All these scenarios only do 4 things:

      • frustrate you
      • waste your time
      • cause you to lose precious dollars…
      • and ultimately, they can and WILL sink your biz.

I get it. You don’t have some large team to help with all this, so it’s overwhelming. I’ve been there. But, that’s why I’ve done most of the work for you. How?  I break down the 5 essential systems EVERY small business needs:

      • Contact Management
      • Calendar
      • Financial
      • Projects and Tasks
      • Marketing

The best part? My latest mini course covers multiple options for tools in each area. There’s something for everyone, so you can get (and KEEP!)  your business running smoothly… …even while you sleep (but as entrepreneurs, who really gets much of that?!). Here’s what you’ll get:

      • 5 super helpful videos explaining and comparing all the options for tools and applications for the systems you need.
      • Resource list that includes over 60 great systems.
      • Downloadable guide to help you along.

So, if you don’t have systems in place or are looking for a better way of handling your business, snag this course. Trust me on this one.   Your Investment: only $25

Get the course

Alaia Williams is a solopreneur’s bestie! I thought I had it all figured out until I took her course. She made me realize I was still missing key components in my business which in turn was causing me to lose revenue. She made recommendations that freed up my time to focus on money generating activities.

Alaia is thorough and goes above the call of duty. She loves what she does and it shows. She genuinely wants to see your business become more organized and fluid so you can focus on the gift you bring to world.

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Alaia Williams’ Systems Series is jam-packed with valuable content and information relevant to my online businesses. Alaia’s done the necessary research, and as a result she’s removed the guesswork concerning which apps, programs and systems work best for increasing productivity and delivering a greater level of service to your tribe.  I’m experiencing smoother work flows and less frustration  as a result of implementing the tips, tools and hacks Alaia delivers in this series. Woot!

Michelle Matthews Calloway