Must-Have Organizational Systems Every New Small Business Needs

How do you keep track of clients, prospects and vendors, schedule appointments and invoice clients? If you are starting a new business, all of this can seem rather daunting. That is why it is important to get your business systems in place from the very beginning.

In this short video, I cover the three most important systems any new business owner needs to get started off on the right foot. I know I've been talking about systems for a while, but it's been a lot longer than I thought! Watching this was a reminder to me that some things don't change – in a good way. If you have what you need to build a solid foundation as a business owner, that knowledge and experience will stick with you through the years no matter how your work life shifts as the years go by.



Though this video is a fun blast from the past for me,  The information is still entirely relevant. In fact, when I started talking about the 5 essentials systems every small business owner needs back in 2015, I had kinda forgotten all about it. Yet, the there things I mention in the video above still make the cut.

If you want to drill deeper into those 5 systems, check out that blog post, or download my free 5 essential systems webinar.

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