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Success Strategies for the Self-Employed – Quickbooks Connect 2017

Last week, I traveled to San Jose to participate in QuickBooks Connect 2017. In addition to a session on time management, I participated in a panel discussion about how to thrive when you're self-employed.

Though my co-panelists and I have completely different businesses and business journeys,

  • Planning is key: planning for growth, planning for taxes…you get the idea idea. We were all pretty much in agreement that keeping a calendar is essential.
  • Self-employment isn't a straight path – there are ups and downs along way. If that's not something you're prepared to handle, it may be hard to find success. You've got to love what you do and weather the storms that come your way.

We also shared some tips about paying yourself, managing expenses, diversifying income, the importance of outsourcing and delegation and more.

You can watch the entire panel here.

Check out QuickBooks Self-Employed here.

Put Quickbooks Connect on your radar for 2018 – it was definitely one of the best produced conferences I've attended.

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