Smart Strategies for Small Businesses

My passion is helping business owners connect with the resources they need to succeed. I have a diverse background that got me to where I am now. We can chat about that over a couple of soy chai teas sometime. What it boils down to is this: I value people, relationships and connection. I wouldn’t be in business today without those things. I use all the tools in my arsenal to help you build and run your business while minimizing the fluff and frustration you don’t need to deal with. Focus your energy on what you do best – we’ll figure out how you can spend less time on the rest.

How can I help you grow your business?

Systems, Operations and Online Business Management

Get your business in order. Increase your effectiveness.

Online Marketing Strategy, Management and Automation

Sharpen your marketing strategy. Get better results.

The Overview

When you think of your business community, who comes to mind: Clients? Peers? Your favorite online group?

In truth, your community is built upon the interactions you have with everyone, every day.

  • Existing clients, potential clients, future clients
  • Vendors, subcontractors, virtual assistants
  • Social fans, virtual partners, live audiences

My passion is helping people build better relationships through conversations, whether online or in person. I work with action-taking change seekers who want to create stronger networks and greater ties with their communities. I believe that systems are the backbone of successful business relationship building.

I take my systems geekery, mix it with my understanding of workflow and processes and fold it into my passion for relationship building to create solutions that help people achieve the results they want.

Through my expertise in systems development and social media, I can help you create a holistic brand experience, allowing you to connect with and engage the people you know now, and the people you hope to meet.

If you're not sure where to start or feel like we can work together on many things (this happens a lot), or if you don't see exactly what you're thinking of,  drop me a note. I'd love to hear your ideas and help you get the ball rolling.


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If you have any questions about where to start, pricing or how to work with me, check out my FAQ page.