Action and Accountability Group

action and accountability group

Action and Accountability Group

January 8 – April 9, 2018


Going it alone can be tough. When you had a job, you had a boss. You probably had colleagues from other departments, co-workers and maybe even people you managed. All of those people supported you in getting your job done and they were a sounding board when you needed it. Being a business owner is different.

You create your own plans. You set your targets. You decide what the goals are and who you'll work with. How do you stay on target and focus on what's important? Who supports you?

The One Organized Business Action and Accountability Group is here to fill that void. For 90 days, you'll join a small group of other motivated business owners and me, Alaia Williams as your facilitator and guide. I am a business systems strategist and organizer with over a decade of experience helping small business owners get the resources they need to succeed.

You have big things you want to accomplish – but you also know you need help to focus on what's important (because there are a million things you can do – but should you really do them?), you need a plan for making it happen, and yes – sometimes you just need to be around other people who understand what you're going through. Other people who are serious about getting things done and reaching their goals.

That's what we're here for.

SIGN UP - $99

What you get:

Your targets, projects and tasks reviewed (if submitted by January 5th). Make sure you're focused on the targets, projects and daily tasks that matter. Get your plan reviewed before the group kicks off so that you can hit the ground running.

Connect with peers for advice, support and accountability. Have questions? Need to bounce an idea around? Looking for an accountability or work sprint partner? We're here for you.

Prompts and challenges to help you focus on what matters most.

Two monthly group tune up calls with hot seat and laser coaching opportunities. These 30 and 60 day check in calls help ensure you're still focused on what matters and that you're on target. If you aren't, get help tweaking your plans so you continue to make progress.

Asana for Project Management training. I will show you exactly what to do to use Asana (which is free!) to set up and support you in accomplishing your annual and quarterly goals, your projects and your tasks. ($49 value)

Free copy of From Prospect to Client (available in January). My brand new guide takes the guesswork out of setting up systems that help you fill your pipeline, nurture clients and close business. Use it in conjunction with your plans OR use it as the foundation for your quarterly goals and projects. ($35 value)

Bonus: Set Yourself Up for Success goal setting webinar replay – this will help you create strong focused goals for 2018. ($30 value)

Access to our private Facebook Group. This is where the tune up calls and trainings will be streamed. Don't miss this.

Why is a group like this an asset for any solo or small business owner?
Because planning isn't something you do once. Focus and discipline take effort – and when you're dedicated to running you're business, there's plenty of things on your mind. This group will give you guidance, support, the space and yes, the permission to go after what you want. It's not a magic bullet. You need to do your part (put in the work) – but the Action and Accountability Group can support you as you create structure, develop new habits and flex your planning muscle.
During the first week, you'll have clear goals, know which project you'll focus on and how you'll measure your success.
From there, you'll create a structured plan, identify challenges or areas for improvement and have the group to collaborate with when you need ideas, resources or need to tweak your plans.
Along the way, we'll check in and make sure you're focused on the right plans and – if not, we'll analyze your plans and course correct. You'll be tracking progress as you go – so at the end of 90 days, you'll be able to know what you've achieved and what lies ahead.
AND the group won't eat up a bunch of time that you could be dedicating to achieving your goals.

Stop operating in a silo. Get a solid plan, find your focus and feel supported and set up for success. Join Action and Accountability today.