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Here are some of the resources I mentioned.

*Note: This page contains affiliate links (of course! 😉 ) – This means I may earn a commission if you sign up for any of these products, but there will be no additional charge to you.

Affiliate Programs

Helpful Systems

My Affiliate Programs and Bonus Offers

  • Refer a new client who signs on for a package or retainer:
    • Clients – 3 extra hours of service
    • Non-Client Referrals – $50 gift card or Paypal payment
  • Planner Affiliate Program – 15% commission on any digital or physical product sales. Program launches June 15. Contact me to sign up. (Bonus? I always promote reviews of my product via social and email)
  • Dubsado – Sign up for a free trial or monthly plan and get a free training session. Upgrade to an annual plan and get 1 free contract/form + 1 workflow setup.
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed – Sign up for a paid plan, skipping the free trial – free training and setup.
  • QuickBooks Online – Sign up using my link, skipping the free trial – free training and basic setup (inventory and payroll setup extra)