Plan with Me Sundays


This week's topic: Getting Beyond Planning Mode We'll discuss: Creating space for planning How to turn plans into action How to step away and turn your planning brain off ...and more. Got a planning related question? Sign up and submit your question in advance, or ask during our Q&A! Sign Up About Plan with Me Sundays: […]

Online Marketing Essentials Webinar


Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Tweeting, Snapchat... It seems like every week there is a new social media feature or platform popping up and demanding your attention. Not to mention landing pages to take care of, list building, and emails to send. How do you do it all and where do you even begin marketing your […]


Maximize Your Marketing

Blogging. Email marketing. Social media. Cold calls. Warm leads. Networking’s a lot to think about, right? And how on earth does one person manage it all? If you’re stuck, struggling to get started, or working on being more effective and focused with your efforts, join us for Maximize Your Marketing. This special event will […]

Plan with Me Sunday – Monthly Tracking

Before you can effectively plan for the month ahead, its helpful to evaluate the month that's passed. This Plan with Me Sunday is just in time! Learn how to do a quick and easy monthly review and set meaningful goals for the month ahead! To learn more about Plan with Me Sundays, visit

Plan with Me Sunday – Quickie Content Creation

Can't keep up with content creation? In this Plan with Me Sunday session we'll talk about ways to make time for content creation and tips and tricks for making your content go the extra mile. We'll primarily touch on blogs, social media, and email. To learn more about Plan with Me Sundays, visit  

Plan with Me Sunday – Pivoting Your Plans

Things not going according to plan? In this session we'll talk about how to course correct and make room for change. To learn more about Plan with Me Sundays, visit  

Plan with Me Sundays: Scheduling Tools, Tips and Tricks

On this Plan with Me Sunday, Alaia will show you how to use some of the best online scheduling tools available. Get tips on how to use a scheduler to save time, cut back on email tag and look like a pro. To learn more about Plan with Me Sundays, visit

Systems School

Ready to do business in a better way? Systems School is just what you need. You’ll get no-fluff insights and advice about mission critical business systems. In each lesson, I’ll explain WHY the system is important, WHAT to look for when choosing a system and give you an inside look at some of the best options on the market. […]

Mini Photo Shoots with Brand Gals

Creative Studios LA 5354 Denny Ave #127, North Hollywood, CA

READY FOR A BRAND REFRESH? Great photos help tell your brand’s story without saying a word. But you need a great strategy to back them up + make sure they get seen. I'm teaming up with Brand Gals for a special mini-photo shoot event. My job? To help you plan how you will maximize the […]