Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage of my business should I hire you?

Any time is a great time, really. In an ideal world, you reach out to me when you’re starting out. I’d help get you set up from the get go. Every now and then as your business grows, you may reach out for more help, tweaks, fine tuning, etc.

That said, we don’t live in an ideal world do we? Most of my clients have been in business for a couple of years. They usually hire me when one of two things is happening: 1) Business is growing and they are having trouble keeping track of opportunities and everything that’s going on. They can’t handle anything more without getting their act together. Sometimes, they have systems but just haven’t figured out if they are using them properly.  2) Business isn’t so hot and they feel bad about what they haven’t done or what they’ve let slip through the cracks. They missed a proposal deadline. They forgot to follow up with an ideal prospect. They have no idea how much they are spending on their systems…or if they have the right systems…

Short answer: Yesterday would have been better than today. But, today is better than tomorrow.


How can I work with you? What would we do?

Every client I work with is different and that’s one of the things I love about what I do.

What we’ll work on depends on where you need support. And I can be as hands on (or off) as you need me to be. If you want to focus solely on project management, we don’t need to talk about your marketing systems. If you want to focus on social media systems and tools, I won’t bring up invoicing. But if your systems need help in several areas, I’m here to help you get things in order and make sure it all integrates and functions beautifully.
If you’re feeling all over the place and you have a few trouble spots, the best thing is to start with a strategy session – we’ll walk through each area of your business and identify areas where we can improve things.


How much do you charge?

My prices are typically broken down into packages, monthly fees or project prices. The best thing to do is contact me and let me know what you need help with. From there, I can help you identify a package or pricing structure that fits your situation. If you’re looking for a baseline idea – my strategy  and assessment sessions are $199 when purchased a la carte and my packages start at $400 (with assessments included).


How do I know where to start?

If you know you have a lot of places where your business needs support, but you don’t know what to start with, I can help. I suggest scheduling a Diagnostic. During that time, we’ll discuss your problem areas and I’ll make suggestions about what you should focus on first (and second and third and….). Contact me and I’ll let you know if a Diagnostic session is right for you.


Do you do the work for me or just tell me what to do?

That depends. Are you a DIYer? Are you confident that you can take my recommended solutions and act on them? If so, I have no problem telling you what to do :-). A Diagnostic will get you going in the right direction.
On the other hand, if you’re pressed for time, love to delegate, or if the concept of setting up systems makes you want to run off and hide on a tropical island, then I can set it all up (registrations, settings, any initial data needed, etc) and then show you how to use everything. Diagnostic + Delivery is the way to go if this sounds like you.


How long will it take?

What kind of decision maker are you? What’s your schedule like? I’ve worked with people who can make quick decisions (or defer to my suggestions), and schedule their appointments over the course of a week or two, while I work away in the background. They are off and running in just a few days. Other clients need more time to decide, want to test out a few options, run things by their teams, etc. Or, they might be busy with travel or projects of their own. In these situations, we may get everything done in a month or two. Work at your pace, no need to rush. If you’re purchasing a package, you have 3-6 months to use your hours (depending on which package you select). I’ve also had clients that have worked with me for over 5 years – we connect a few times a year for check ins and tune ups. It varies based on what you need and what serves you.



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