Systems Summit 2018 – November 13 – 16, 2018

Focus On What Matters Most.

Running a business can be overwhelming – especially for small teams and solopreneurs. Being a business owner requires a completely different mindset than working a 9-to-5 job. Not only do you spend your days pouring your best energy into serving your clients and customers, but you also need to keep your business up and running – so you can support yourself, your team, your family and live the kind of life you want.

But you’re one person. How do you make it all happen? Where should you place your energy? How do you manage working on your business and working in it at the same time? How do you keep things from slipping through the cracks?

During the One Organized Business Systems Summit, we’re getting laser focused on the essential systems you need to succeed.


Your seat at the Systems Summit gives you access to:

  • Four interactive webinars covering the essential systems, processes and automations you need to turn prospects into clients.
  • Bonus interviews with industry experts on branding, firming up your finances, social media strategies, planning and more!
  • Exclusive discounts and giveaways for products and services that will save you time and money –  and make running your business easier, less time consuming, and more profitable.


So, how does it it work? Here are the details:

Each day, join in for a live training hosted by Alaia Williams at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern in the Summit’s private pop-up Facebook group. Replays are available for you to access any time, but there will be some giveaways for the live audience, so tune in live if you can!

After each live session, you’ll also get access to bonus Q&As with industry experts that are sharing practical information to help you smooth out your prospect to client process.



Summit Schedule:

Tuesday, November 13th – Crafting Your Prospect to Client Plan

On Day One, we’re setting the stage for the rest of the week. before you put systems in place (or get new ones), hire a team or take on a crazy new project, you need a plan. So, today we’re going to smooth out your path from prospect to client and dish about the kinds of systems and processes you need to make it possible.


Wednesday, November 14th – Seal the Deal: Contracts and Proposals

Get it in writing! One Day Two, is all about contracts and proposals: How to create and deliver proposals that impress, creating clear contracts (and using them!) – and how to manage both so that paperwork doesn’t dominate your day.


Thursday, November 15th – Fix Your Finances

No matter how much money you have and how much you’re currently making, it needs to be managed properly. How do you manage your money and keep track of income and expenses (especially when its not something you enjoy thinking about)? On Day Three, we’ll discuss not only that, but we’ll also talk about how your money gives you insight into business in ways you may have not thought of.


Friday, November 16th – Creating Flow – Online Scheduling and Email Marketing

For many of us, making contacts can be fairly easy – we meet people at professional events, in our social circles, or if we’re lucky, people come to us by word of mouth and referrals. That said, following up and staying in touch is where most small business owners and solopreneurs let things slip through the cracks. On our final day, we’ll be covering two key systems that will help you stay in touch and top of mind with your prospects and customers.


Register today and join us starting Tuesday, November 13th!





The One Organized Business Systems Summit is hosted by Alaia Williams, a business systems strategist and organizer with over a dozen years of experience helping people like you organize their businesses – and lives!

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