Thank You – Productivity Type

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If knowing your type isn't enough and you're itching to get more meaningful work done each day – ASAP, grab this workbook now:

After you've learned how to identify your productivity type, walk through these 6 additional steps:   

  • Discover your peak energy time
  • Eliminate distractions with the help of a simple timer
  • Make friends with your calendar
  • Batch your tasks, theme your weeks
  • Schedule downtime into your day – every day!
  • Review, reconsider and rework: identify the productivity tasks that work best for you

Includes the following exercises:   

  • Schedule your tasks according to this Action Priority Matrix
  • Track your energy peaks + valleys during the day; find a pattern + work on your “Quick Wins” and “Major Projects” during those PEAK times
  • Set yourself up for success by eliminating known distractions.
  • Which calendar is your perfect match?
  • Create your weekly themes
  • Schedule downtime into your days
  • Reflect on what productivity tasks work best for you, which you need to do more often, and which ones you want to dump


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